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About Post


T. Lang Dance presents Post, the final installment of Lang’s four-part Post Up series. The series is inspired by the literature of Heather Williams’ Help Me Find My People, which explores the Reconstruction Era custom of newly freed men and women posting public ads announcing their search for lost loved ones. Through entangled aggressive movements and astonishingly tender moments, this work explores the familiar complexities of reunification.


Set inside an interactive revival tent, Post focuses on connecting historical past with present narrative using the bridge of dance and technology. Seeing the multiplicity of these two forms, T. Lang Dance collaborates with digital media engineers Jessica Anderson and Sebastian Monroy and visual artists George Long and David Baerwalde in reimagining links between past, present and future. Post will break new ground merging contemporary dance and state-of-the-art techniques in performance technology, yielding a space where dancers can perform with a digitally-augmented responsive environment. This work investigates personal journeys of healing from lost memories while gaining a sense of resilience. Post steps inside the power of cosmic order and the extreme spectrums of adjusting to and accepting a new reality.


The Post Up series has been performed at The Goat Farm Arts Center, The High Museum of Art, and will soon activate a now abandoned church inside Fort McPherson, an American military base that operated from 1835 until its closing in 2011. This Spring we bring movement once again to this rich, historic site! Performances are every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from March 9th-25th 2017. T. Lang Dance is Joshua Archibald, Jacquelle Blythe, Jazmine Brooks, Indya Childs, Emma Lalor, Mandi B. Mpezo, and Scott Wheet. Check back soon for tickets, available for purchase in January 2017.

Post Up Series


Derived from the desire to reconnect with love once lost, Post Up builds a familiar world through movement and technology. From Post Up to Post Up In The House to Lit Variations, these works evolve as the series investigates concepts of ritual, order, and unification. Post is the completion of this journey where the beacon has finally been answered.


The series has incorporated works by various visual artists and systems engineers, developing digitally interactive experiences which offer our dancers an improvisation platform within an immersive virtual environment. Sourcing from an eclectic background, our sound design collaborators have created unique musical blends that flood out of speakers in an evocative array of frequencies.


The Post Up four-part series is revealed in the following iterations:


Post Up – Following multi-generational, uncensored conversations on love and personal diary entries that beg for the return of a deceased loved one, this work ignites the search for love lost. Premiered at The Goat Farm Arts Center in 2014.

Post Up in the House – First presented by the High Museum of Art in 2014, PUITH was performed as a visual installation within contemporary designers Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena’s Mi Casa, Your Casa exhibition. This work explored narrative reality, the delicate balance of sanity, and the private unseen prayers of searching hearts.


LIT Variations #1 – #10 – LIT Variations is a migration work that performed in 10 variations throughout the city of Atlanta in 2015. Each variation was reconfigured in staging, music scores and intentionality within choreography. This work investigated the trails and obstacles one takes to rediscover what once was.


Post – Through entangled aggressive movements and astonishingly tender moments, this final work brings to light the familiar complexities of reunification. Premieres March 2017 at Fort McPherson.